Glory Beach Resort in Port Dickson is located at Tanjung Gemok beach – the very first beach stretch in Port Dickson. Built on a 10-acre land area, Glory Beach Resort adopted a service-apartment concept for its six blocks apartment units. All 260 units are equipped with 3-star facilities such as air-conditioned hall and rooms, fridge, a kitchenette with tea/coffee making facility, television, telephone and water heater.

The Resort caters for group meetings/seminars as well as private functions, and with its vast experience and nine well equipped meeting rooms of various sizes, it is more than capable to handle any type of events.


It has long been known as a family and group seminar’s favorite, now Glory Beach Resort has added another claim to fame on its list. The first ever turtle hatchery in Negeri Sembilan is located at Glory Beach Resort’s very own beach. It is a smart partnership project between the Resort and Jabatan Perikanan Malaysia in the name of turtle conservation and it is open to public, to learn why it is important to help Glory Beach Resort save the hawksbill turtles!


Glory Beach Resort has a number of in-house recreational facilities such as X-Treme games and sports activities. For the not-so-adventurous and for those looking for a more relaxed vacation, a massage therapy awaits you. A stroll by the beach and watch one of the most picturesque sunset in Port Dickson is one other thing that you can do here.


There are many things that can bring you over to Glory Beach Resort and being strategically accessible to and from many major destinations makes Glory Beach Resort yet another favorite beach resort destination for a quick weekend getaways.  


The Turtle Hatchery Center


Jabatan Perikanan Malaysia-Glory Beach Resort-FRI, Rantau Abang Terengganu


A coherent endeavour between Glory Beach Resort, the Department of Fisheries Malaysia and FRI Rantau Abang, Terengganu, in a smart partnership effort, has taken Glory Beach Resort onto a step further, to a minimum level , first ever observation and research Hatchery Center in Negeri Sembilan. 


Glory Beach Resort, now has a turtle pond for studies of feeding pattern and growth. FRI Rantau Abang Terengganu is supervising closely by visiting the Hatchery.






Baby Turtles in the Pond

Baby Turtle (approximately 2 weeks old)

Turtles in the Pond

Turtle Pond

Turtle Eggs Nesting

Turtle Race

Info Board on Turtles in Malaysia

Turtles Feeding on Longtail Tuna (Tongkol)

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